Fresh Vegetables Shop

Fresh Vegetables Shop

Photo taken on : 17.11.2013
Place : Gariahat, South Kolkata, Kolkata, West Bengal / Paschim Banga, India

Prasun Dutta Photgraphy | © | All Rights Reserved.
Unauthorized use or reproduction for any reason is prohibited.

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11 thoughts on “Fresh Vegetables Shop

  1. Beautiful colours and I love the way your eye goes around the frame and the lovely vegetables and then all of a sudden there is the shop keeper just looking back at you.Very nice.


  2. this is a wonderful shot. it’s nice how some of the vegetables are shiny while others are dull. the photo comes across with the power and vividness of a still life. by the way, thank you very much for reading and liking so many of my most recent posts. i really appreciate your attention, and will do my best to sustain it. right now i’m going to visit your blog so i can take a long, leisurely look at it now that i’ve escaped the madness of the rat wheel for awhile.


  3. Fantastic photo. Reminds us of what real veggies look like, not the pallid stuff dished up in supermarkets. I live in North Cyprus with fresh fruit and veggies pretty much direct from the producer and the produce tastes great.


  4. Excellent still life image. Enjoying your photography very much Prasun…thank you for sharing and allowing us to see a little of your life in Bengal. A very beautiful place.


  5. I want to thank you for visiting and following my blog. I appreciate it very much. I’ve been looking at your pictures and I found them very good and full of life even on the shots where you can’t see anyone, you still feel the presence of life. I will keep on folowing ypur pictures. This one above is amazing.


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